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by Yannis Vatis on Jun 11, 2022
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Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Necromancer Leveling Guide - Step-by-Step Beginner-Friendly Bonemancer

Bonemancer is a straightforward build for Necromancers that’s easy for beginner players to pick up in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Power leveling through all Acts and difficulties is a simple affair with this build while also giving you a playstyle with explosive damage and solid defenses.

Normal Act 1-2

This segment of our Diablo 2 Resurrected Necro Leveling guide covers early levels through Normal Act 1 and 2. We’ll be providing allocations for attribute and skills points up to level 13. It’s easy to underestimate this part of the game and just not focus on optimization. The foundation you’re setting, however, is critical towards ensuring your leveling is as efficient as possible.

Attribute Point Allocation

  1. Level 2-3 -> Energy
  2. Level 4-11 -> Vitality
  3. Level 12-13 -> Strength

D2 Necro stats are a pretty straightforward affair when you’re building a Bonemancer.

Energy isn’t a stat you would typically allocate points for a Necromancer build. However, the main downside of Bonemancer in the early levels is they’re easy to get mana-starved. By allocating some point here early on, you can give yourself a bit more freedom to spam Teeth.

Vitality is going to be your main source of defense so you’ll be putting a fair amount of points into it throughout this guide.

Finally, your last two attribute points for this segment should be allocated to Strength. The reasoning is that you need that much of the stat to equip a belt, which, in turn, allows you to equip more potions. More potions means more staying alive.

Skill Point Allocation

  1. Level 2-5 -> Teeth
  2. Level 6 -> Clay Golem
  3. Level 7-10 -> Teeth
  4. Level 11 -> Amplify Damage
  5. Level 12 -> Iron Maiden
  6. Level 13 -> Teeth

As Teeth is going to be your main skill until you switch to Bone Spear, you’ll need to invest most of your points into it.

Clay Golem isn’t going to be doing much for you when you’re at level 6 though you can still summon it for that extra bit of damage. However, once you get Amplify Damage and Iron Maiden, your Golem becomes a powerhouse. Enemies it attracts will take extra damage each time they strike it, adding that much more DPS to your Teeth spam.

Gear & Runes

For Bonemancer, you’ve got plenty of leeway when it comes to gear except for a few pieces.

  • Collect every single Chipped Gem that drops and place it in your Stash. You’re going to need them later to re-roll Magic Wands.
  • After clearing the Den of Evil quest, sell everything you don’t need and do any other farming you need to reach 3500 gold. This will allow you to buy a Wand with +3 to Teeth from Akara. If her shop doesn’t have it in stock, just leave town and reload back to check again. Do this until the Wand appears. This will turn your Teeth skill into a proper undead mower.
  • At the Black Marsh, get to the Waypoint and proceed to start farming The Countess. She’s situated inside the Forgotten Tower. Your end goal is to get a Tal Rune and an Eth Rune. Once you have them, place them in your Stash with your Chipped Gems.
  • As you reload your Countess farm, make sure you check Charsi each time for a 2 Socketed Body Armor and two 2 Socketed Helmets.
  • Other gear to look out for from monster drops:
    • Ring of the Apprentice
    • Amulet of the Apprentice
    • Preserved Head
    • Gemmed Helmet

Normal Act 2-5

This segment of our Diablo 2 Resurrected Necro Leveling guide covers early levels through Normal Act 2 to 5. We’ll be providing allocations for attribute and skills points up to level 26. Now that you’ve set the foundation for your build, you’ll be slowly transitioning towards a more efficient skill called Bone Spear and support it with Corpse Explosion.

Attribute Point Allocation

  • Level 14-16 -> Vitality
  • Level 17-18 -> Strength
  • Level 19-26 -> Vitality

Because your spells are doing a lot of the legwork, you can freely add attributes to Vitality to help keep you alive longer. As potions can be quite expensive and spending gold on them will slow your progress down, ensuring you’ve got the health pool to support your squishiness is vital.

Your Strength points are there purely to meet stat requirements for items that you’ll be needing.

Skill Point Allocation

  1. Level 14 -> Bone Armor
  2. Level 15-16 -> Bone Wall
  3. Level 17 -> Corpse Explosion
  4. Level 18-20 -> Bone Spear
  5. Level 21-26 -> Corpse Explosion

Teeth has been a real workhorse so far but it’s time to make our build a bit more fun. Bone Wall and Bone Spear are two skills with incredible synergy. By setting up Bone Walls, you can keep enemies in place, lining them up to be skewered by Bone Spear.

Bone Armor is an essential defensive skill but we only need 1 point as the rest of our Bone named skills will give it bonuses that make it more effective than dumping points into it.

Corpse Explosion is another essential piece to round off your Necro build’s puzzle. It deals Physical and Fire damage which gives you a way to deal with monsters that are immune to magic.

Gear & Runes

Once again, you’ve got plenty of leeway when it comes to gear except for a few pieces.

  • Buy a Belt from Farah at Lut Gholein to increase the number of potions you can carry.
  • After grabbing the Horadric Cube, you can re-roll Magic Wands you buy from Akara. Make sure you’re only getting those priced at 750 gold and lower. Use three Chipped Gems and a wand when transmuting and be sure you keep Wands that give bonuses to your build’s skills.
  • Try to keep at least one Chipped Diamond for later.
  • Place your Tal and Eth Runes (in that order) in your Body Armor to get the Runeword Stealth. It’s an extremely powerful Runeword that’ll grant you increased movement, cast rate, mana recovery, and other powerful bonuses.
  • Buy a Bone Wand with +2-3 to Bone Spear and make sure it has 0 or 2 sockets. It’s highly important that this is a Bone Wand and that it’s non-magic.

By the time you complete all Acts on Normal, you’ll be about level 24. Before hitting up Nightmare, head to the Cow Level to farm until you reach level 26.

Nightmare Act 1 - Hell Act 5

Now that your build has taken shape and some foundational gear has been acquired, you’re ready to brave higher difficulties and reach new heights. At the end of Act 1 on Nightmare, you can speak with Akara to respec your character. This will give you all of your attribute and skill points back so you can re-allocate them. This time, you’ll be focusing on the Bone and Poison tree to make yourself an even stronger build.

Attribute Point Allocation

  • Put just enough points into Strength to meet stat requirements on gear
  • Put all of your remaining points into Vitality all the way to level 75

Skill Point Allocation

  • Put your respecced point into the following:
    • Bone Spear -> 9 points
    • Bone Prison -> 3 Points
    • Corpse Explosion -> 10 points
  • From here on, you need to max out each skill in the following order:
    • Bone Spear
    • Bone Prison
    • Bone Wall
    • Teeth
    • Amplify Damage

Your playstyle now involves mostly taking down enemies with Bone Spear and then blowing their corpses up with Corpse Explosion to kill the rest of the group. Your Bone Prison is there as a safety measure to keep dangerous enemies at bay.

Gear & Runes

Generally, you’ll want to start scrutinizing your drops for items that benefit your skills. You’ll also need to do the following to optimize your build:

  • Buy a Russet Belt of the Colossus from Charsi as you’ll need some Lightning and Fire resistances.
  • Pick up a pair of Ocher Heavy Boots of Haste from Charsi as well. These will grant you faster Run and Walk speed and may also have a bit of resistance as well.
  • Grab a pair of Garnet Heavy Gloves from Charsi for some added resistances.
  • Stash a Cap and Bone Wand as you’ll need to socket some runes to them.
  • Farm The Countess for the following runes:
    • 1x Dol Rune
    • 1x Ort Rune
    • 1x Sol Rune
    • 3x Hel Runes (combine them in the Horadric Cube with a Chipped Diamond you saved earlier to make an Io Rune)
  • Put the Dol and Io Runes into the White to get the Runeword White for some powerful Bone bonuses.
  • Put the Ort and Sol Runes into the Cap to get the Runeword Lore to get a boost to your skills and defenses.
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