Diablo 2 Resurrected Sorceress Leveling Guide

by Yannis Vatis on Jun 11, 2022
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Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Sorceress Leveling Guide - Step-by-Step Beginner-Friendly Fast Build

The Sorceress is one of the most fun classes in Diablo 2 Resurrected. This leveling build leverages her AoE attacks that do massive damage in an area around her, making this not just a fun spec but an easy one as well. Gear-wise, you’ll only need to do a bit of legwork in the early stages of the game. After that, you can pretty much use anything that adds to the damage to your skills.

Normal Act 1-2

Starting off your Sorceress is pretty simple. Your skill rotation may not feel as fun or interesting at this stage but that’s all in preparation for the big spells later on.

Attribute Point Allocation

  1. Level 2-3 -> Energy
  2. Level 4-10 -> Vitality
  3. Level 11-13 -> Strength

Vitality will be the main attribute into which you dump your points. As a Sorceress, you’ve got no use for Dexterity so you’ll completely ignore this stat for the entirety of the build.

Energy is also not an attribute found in endgame builds. However, at the early stages of the game, you’ll have a lot more leeway to spam spells with a little bit of extra mana. That’s why you’ll dump your first few points at levels 2 and 3 into Energy. After that, it’s all Vitality for a while.

Right before we hit the first milestone at level 13, you’ll want to put points into Strength. This is purely for meeting stat requirements on gear so you’ll never need to invest more points than you need.

Skill Point Allocation

  1. Level 2-4 -> Charged Bolt
  2. Level 5 -> Save this point
  3. Level 6 -> Frost Nova and Static Field
  4. Level 7-9 -> Static Field
  5. Level 10 -> Telekinesis
  6. Level 11 -> Frozen Armor
  7. Level 12-13 -> Nova

Charged Bolt will be your main damage dealer for the first stage of this build. What makes it an excellent first skill for a Sorceress is that it fires off electrical currents in a shotgun-like pattern, meaning you can hit multiple enemies in front of you. For single targets, make sure you’re relatively close so they can take the full brunt of the attack.

At level 5, you want to save a point so you can put two into a pretty powerful combination: Frost Nova nad Static Field. The former is an amazing utility spell that slows enemies. Static Field is also powerful because, with a single blast, it can remove 25% of enemy health. Keep in mind that it’s not based on their max health but on their current health, meaning the skill becomes weaker each time. You’ll want to open up your engagements with a couple of casts of Static Field then finish them off with Charged Bolt. Frost Nova can keep big packs at bay without doing too much damage.

Telekinesis is more of a pre-requisite for Teleport, one of the best skills in the game. It offers up some nice quality of life abilities, including allowing you to interact with environmental elements and pick up loot from range.

Frozen Armor is a great defensive skill because it buffs your defense. On top of that, any melee enemies that strike you will be frozen for a bit, giving you a bit of time to get some distance and heal up.

Finally, Nova is our piece de resistance. In order for it to fully replace Charged Bolt in your rotation, you’ll need to wait to put two points into it. After that, your combo becomes the following:

Frost Nova (if needed) -> 2-3x Static Field -> Nova

Gear & Runes

Our electric-based Sorceress can work with a fair few items, but there are a few specific ones you’ll need to make your journey a bit easier:

  • Clear the early levels and the Den of Evil, then sell everything to Akara until you have at least 3500 gold. Then check her inventory for a +2 Short Staff with + to Charged Bolt. If she doesn’t have it, just exit town and reload before inspecting her wares again. Keep doing this until the staff appears.
  • Find the Waypoint in the Black Marsh and proceed to farm The Countess who’s located in the Forgotten Tower. You’ll want to continue taking her down until you get the following runes:
    • Tal Rune
    • Eth Rune
  • Check drops frequently for Amulets and Rings that have +10% Faster Cast speed. If you get one, you can grab a Wand of the Apprentice from Akara and once you have made a chest piece with the Stealth runeword, you’ll be at 37% cast speed.
  • To make the Stealth chest, you’ll need to check Charsi for a 2 Socketed Body Armor (non-magic). Once you get it, socket in the Tal and Eth rune in that order to make Stealth, an incredibly strong runeword that grants faster movement speed and cast speed.

Normal Act 2-5

This segment of our Diablo 2 Resurrected Sorceress Leveling guide covers early levels through Normal Act 2 to 5. We’ll be providing allocations for attribute and skills points up to level 26.

Attribute Point Allocation

  • Level 14-16 -> Vitality
  • Level 17-18 -> Strength
  • Level 19-26 -> Vitality

Vitality is still the only essential attribute you need. The combination of your gear and skills is what is making your damage go up so all you need to think about is keeping yourself alive. On top of that, you’ve got quite a bit of mana and can afford a few potions so Energy is no longer needed.

As we’ve mentioned already, your Strength points are there purely to meet stat requirements for items that you’ll be needing.

Skill Point Allocation

  1. Level 14-17 -> Nova
  2. Skill point from Radament -> Save this
  3. Level 18 -> Nova + Teleport
  4. Level 19-20 -> Nova
  5. Skill point from Izual -> Static Field
  6. Level 21-26 -> Nova

As you might have guessed, it’s all going to be about Nova with this build and you’re quite right. Nova is very powerful because of its damage and the fact that it’s a full-blown AoE. So, you’ll mostly be putting points into this skill to beef it up.

The only exception is when you take Teleport along with it at level 18. This is arguably the best skill in the entire game. It grants the Sorceress immense mobility, making her the fastest class in the game. It’s perfect for starting engagements, escaping, and even traversing across the world. There’s no reason not to take it.

Gear & Runes

At this stage, you can work with pretty much any gear as long as you can wear it and it benefits your skills. There’s only one piece of equipment you need to concern yourself with:

  • After completing the second quest of Act 5, you’ll be rewarded with three runes:
    • Ral rune
    • Ort rune
    • Tal rune
  • Once you have them, go to Farah in Act 2 and reload her inventory until she sells you a Kite Shield. Slot the runes in the order above to create the Ancients’ Pledge runeword. This will grant you incredibly high resistances and will cause 10% of the damage you take to be returned to you as mana.

By the time you complete all Acts on Normal, you’ll be about level 24. Before hitting up Nightmare, head to the Cow Level to farm until you reach level 26. As you farm the Cow Level, be on the lookout for a non-magic 4-socket Crystal Sword. Once you get it, you can slot in the four runes you got as a reward from the first quest of Act 5 to create another powerful runeword, Spirit. This will give you an insane boost to cast rate, on top of other goodies like increased lightning damage, life steal, and mana.

Nightmare Act 1 - Hell Act 5

Here is where you’ll want to respec into a whole other build that takes advantage of the Sorceress’s most powerful skill: Blizzard. At level 26, go to Akara to change your specialization, which will refund all of your attribute and skill points.

Attribute Point Allocation

  • Put just enough points into Strength to meet stat requirements on gear (no more than 47)
  • Put all of your remaining points into Vitality all the way to level 75

Skill Point Allocation

  • Put your respecced point into the following until level 26:
    • Static Field -> 5 points
    • Telekinesis and Teleport -> 2 points
    • Frozen Armor -> 1 point
    • Ice Blast -> 7 points
    • Glacial Spike -> 9 points
    • Blizzard -> 3 points
  • From 27-35, allocate your points in the following order:
    • Level 27-29 -> Blizzard
    • Level 30 -> Blizzard + Cold Mastery
    • Level 31-35 -> Blizzard
  • From 36 to max, allocate your points as follows:
    • Point from Radament -> Cold Mastery
    • Level 36-43 -> Blizzard
    • Point from Izual -> Cold Mastery + Glacial Spike
    • Level 44-50 -> Glacial Spike
    • Level 51-56 -> Fire Mastery + pre-requisites for Meteor
    • Level 57-72 -> Meteor
    • Radament and Izual again -> Meteor
    • Level 73-75 -> Glacial Spike

Your playstyle now involves using Blizzard and then Meteor to down enemies depending on their resistances. Both abilities rain down big balls of damage and can take a bit of time to get used to timings. The best way to deal with enemies that get in your face is to crowd control them then cast your ability as you walk away so that they trek through its path and get hit by more than one projectile.

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