Ginger Gaming Mentor’s Hero Editor Item Pack for Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 Resurrected

by ozzy on Aug 06, 2022
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Ginger Gaming Mentor’s Hero Editor Item Pack for Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 Resurrected

GGM is an excellent Diablo 2 content creator, and a good friend of this site.  He’s put together a full kit of items for everything you might ever need when playing with Hero Editor.

Download the entire pack here:

From the ginger man himself:

GGM's Item pack offers significant advantages over previous packs.

*A complete collection of Unique items, adding many missing items to the files. Most Necromancer wands were missing, Most Assassin Claws Were Missing, Most Amazon Only Items Were Missing, and many more that have been since added.

*A complete collection of Runewords with more varied bases, adding many missing runewords. As well as adding new runewords that were patched in on Version 2.4. Kingpintz as well as some other packs only had the most popular runewords and that was it. Things like Dragon, Principle, Bone, and many other less popular runewords were missing completely. All the New Runewords have been added as well, Unbending Will, Mist, Pattern, Plague, Obsession, Wisdom, and Flickering Flame

*Ethereal Versions of All Unique Items for easier importing with correct Defense Values Hero Editor does not automatically calculate the Defense of an Ethereal Item making the creation of Ethereal items somewhat tedious. To Lessen the amount of time you have to waste on this I have gone ahead and created Eth Versions of all uniques and calculated the Defense Values for you in advance.

*Updated Class Torches with correct Values 1.11 Torches had a 25% chance to proc Diablo's Fire attack, After they were changed to 5% the kingpintz Item pack was wrong. I have kept the original 25% Proc files for Posterity but the Torches in the main directories have been replaced with the 5% proc versions that are current to D2R.

*White/Socketed bases of every item in the game for easier importing & creation of new Runewords. I wanted to make it extremely easy for you to create a runeword in whatever base you wanted if I didn't have the correct option for you already made. So I created a White Base Item or Socketed base item of every single type. So you can very easily choose the socketed base, or socket the white item with the correct number of sockets and create away.

*"What If" Section of Ethereal Sets Who knows what the future brings, so I created an entirely new folder full of ethereal versions of the sets for your fun and enjoyment, as well as a bit of future proofing. If Blizzard should ever allow set items to drop ethereal well I got ya covered.

*Fixed Unique items with incorrect Values such as Tyrael's Might, Stormlash, and more. There were a large number of errors in The Kingpintz item pack, too many to mention that I discovered while I did my Item videos. like Tyrael's armor having +100% Requirements instead of -100% requirements, Azurewrath being lvl 54 Requirement, Stormlash being set to on Attack, instead of on striking, and many more.

*Consolidated Multiple Item packs into one more condensed Version. There were a couple item packs out there already floating about, Diablo, Kingpintz, and various smaller packs. I took a full day and combined them all together as best I could making sure only to take the best bits of each.

*Included my own personal Database of Characters from D2 Classic, and D2R All Unique Items Placed on Characters, All Set Items Each with their own character, All Uniques placed on mules labeled as such. like UniqueSwords and so forth, and all of my test characters that I use in my videos.

*Included Hero Editor in the Item Pack to make sure people are able to find a clean version. V1.04

*Added many Misc Items, such as potions, Scrolls, Gems of all types, and more. Many simple items were missing from most if not all of the packs, and I took the time to add them. The list is too long to make here, but suffice it to say some of these simple items are kind of important when creating things. Something as Simple as a perfect Diamond wasn't even in the packs.

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