Lightning Fury Amazon Leveling Guide

by nitemare on Sep 03, 2022
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Diablo 2 Resurrected: Lightning Fury Amazon Leveling Guide


Welcome to the Lightning Fury leveling guide. This guide will help you smoothly level your Amazon. you should have no problem getting through the game. Hell difficulty might be a slight problem, but we will help you with that. Your main skill will be Lightning Fury, sadly, you don't get this skill until level 30. So we will be leveling with a Bowazon until you respec your skills and attributes around level 38 or higher.

This guide will go over everything you need to know about your character. Since we are assuming you are a new player, we will help you figure out which items to use, since you may not have any unique or runes yet. But some uniques may be suggested because you might find some along the way.

Also, this isn't a walkthrough guide. This guide will help you level and give you quick beats on where to go next, but won't be going into detail on quests.

With that out of the way, let's start the guide.

General Overview and Tips

Recommended Quests

Doing these quests will reward you with attribute points, skill points, resistance, or health. It is best to do these on every difficulty. However, some of these quests are skippable and can be completed later.

  • Den of Evil (Act 1)
  • Search for Cain (Act 1)
  • Radament's Lair (Act 2)
  • The Golden Bird (Act 3)
  • Lam Esen's Tomb (Act 3)
  • Fallen Angel (Act 4)
  • Prison of Ice (Act 5)

Recommended Gear Stats

When it comes to Amazons, you want to have a good amount of Increased Attack Speed, Faster Run/Walk, and decreasing enemy lightning resistance. Here are the stats to look out for:

  • Gloves - +Javelin/Spear Skills, Increased Attack Speed
  • Boots - Faster Run/Walk, Resistances, Magic Find
  • Jewels - Decrease Enemy Lightning Resistances
  • Shield - Increased Block Rate, Faster Block Rate, Resistances
  • Attribute Points

    Allocate enough attribute points in a certain attribute to wear gear. For the Javazon, you will need high dexterity to wield Javelins and increase your block chance. Strength is only needed to meet gear requirements. The rest of your points will be going into Vitality to increase survivability.

    Normal Difficulty

    Throughout normal difficulty, you will be using Exploding Arrow. This skill drains mana very fast, so carry a lot of mana potions. Try to find items that give mana on kill or hit, this will help a bit.

    Attribute Points Allocation (Up to Level 35)

    Level 2: 5 points into Dexterity

    Level 3-5: All points into Strength

    Level 4-35: All Points Into Vitality

    Skill Points Allocation (Up to Level 35)

    Level 2-5: Fire Arrow

       Den of Evil Skill Point: Magic Arrow

    Level 6-10: Poison Javelin

    Level 11: Multiple Shot

    Level 12-17: Exploding Arrow

       Radament/Book of Skill: Fire Arrow

    Level 18-26: Exploding Arrow

       Izual: Fire Arrow

    Level 27-31: Exploding Arrow

    Level 32-35: Fire Arrow

    Normal Difficulty Leveling

    Once you have your Amazon created, you are ready to begin your journey. Go out to the Blood Moor, find the Den of Evil and clear it out. Return to Akara and receive a free skill point. You will also be able to reset your character skill and attribute points. Save that for later.

    Be sure to pick up all charms, rings, and amulets along that drop. Whatever you don't need, sell them for money. Keep any runes that drop and store them in your stash for now. Buy a bow with the fastest attack speed from Charsi when you can and save it for later. It should have at least 2 open sockets.

    Continue progressing while using your javelin. Once you reach level 6, start using the Poison Javelin skill, it creates a line of poison cloud that does good damage. You will be using this skill until you unlock Exploding Arrow at level 12. At level 6 you can start using Strangling Gas Potions, you can use this instead of Poison Javelin to save mana.

    After defeating Blood Raven and rescuing Cain, you should make your way to Black Marsh to defeat The Countess in the Forgotten Tower. If you want to, you can either farm her for some runes to create some runewords that are great for leveling or continue to Andariel. The choice is yours. If you do farm for the runes, here is what you will need.

    • Tal and Eth - Put these in a 2 socket NORMAL armor in that order for the Stealth runeword.
    • Ort and Sol - Put these in a 2 socket NORMAL helmet in that order for the Lore runeword.
    • Ort and Eth - Put these in a 2 socket NORMAL bow in that order for the Zephyr runeword.

    Stealth and Lore aren't able to be used until levels 17 and 27 respectively. So you can wait to farm this, but it is best to have it when you need it. Zephyr can't be used until level 21, but by then, you might have a better bow, if not, use this.

    From now until the end of Act 5, kill Elite Mobs only. Elite Mobs offer a lot more experience. You can tell because their name will be in blue. Kill weaker mobs only if they are in your way. Progressing as quickly as possible is the main goal here. Once Andariel is dealt with, make your way to Act 2, buy a belt with more potion slots, and enter the Sewers. Defeat Radament, grab the skill book, and continue through Act 2.

    Once that is done, complete each necessary quest to continue through the game. Once in Act 3, you might want to buy a Staff of Teleportation from Ormus. Put this in your weapon swap hand and use this to get around more quickly. You will have to recharge it though. Either using runes or paying a lot of gold.

    Remember to equip your Lore and Stealth runewords when you become high enough level. Run through Act 3 and defeat Mephisto. Defeat Izual during Act 4 to receive 2 skill points. Once you hit Act 5 complete the Rescue on Mount Arreat quest and you will be rewarded with 3 runes to create the Ancients' Pledge runeword. You can put these runes in any 3 socket shield to gain a lot of resistance. You should be close to or over level 30 by the time you beat Normal difficulty.

    Nightmare Difficulty

    There isn't much to say here, continue doing what you did in Normal difficulty to get through the game. Your current gear should get you through the game into Hell difficulty. However, when you start Nightmare difficulty check Charsi and Gheed for some gloves, boots, and a belt that gives resistance.

    Fire and Lightning are the most important resistances at the moment. Having Faster Run/Walk is also important. However, once you hit level 35 or before you hit Act 4 is a great time to respec. It is also important to buy a lower resist wand when you have the chance. You can use this for bosses, and will definitely need it once you hit Hell difficulty. Charged Strike will be your main single target damage dealer.

    Respec Attribute Points Allocation

    Strength - Enough for any item you want to wear.

    Dexterity - Enough for gear and high block chance.

    Vitality - Put the rest of the points here.

    Energy - None, or if you need a little bit of extra mana.

    Respec Skill Points Allocation

    • Lightning Fury: 6 Points
    • Pierce: 4 Points
    • Lightning Strike: 4 Points
    • Charged Strike: 18 Points

    You will need to allocate points in these skills' respective prerequisites.

    Skill and Attribute Point Allocation (Up to Level 55)


    Level 36-49: Lightning Fury

    Level 50-55: Lightning Strike

    • Den of Evil (Nightmare): Charged Strike
    • Radament (Nightmare): Charged Strike
    • Izual (Nightmare): 1 point into Lightning Strike and Charged Strike


    • Level 36-55: All points into Vitality, if gear requirements are met.

    Hell Difficulty

    Again, this is now the third time you will be playing through the game, you know what to do. However, you have to worry about monsters having immunities. But Hell difficulty can pose a huge problem for the Lightning Fury Javazon.

    There are a large number of enemies that are resistant to lightning damage. You will need to run past them and miss out on loot and experience or use your Lower Resist wand and then wither them down. The choice is yours. Once you get those endgame godly items, immunities won't be a problem for you. This will take a lot of grinding and trading though.

    Point Allocation (Up To Level 75)

    Skill Points

    Level 56-62: Lightning Strike

    • Den of Evil (Hell): Lightning Strike
    • Radament (Hell): Lightning Strike
    • Izual (Hell): Both points into Power Strike

    Level 63-75: Power Strike

    Attribute Points

    Level 56-75: All Points Into Vitality.


    That is all for the guide. By the time you defeat Baal your character should be around level 68 or higher. If you are playing solo, you will need the Lower Resist wand or you might get stuck at certain parts. However, once done, you will have a capable character that can farm cows in Hell for valuable base items. With a few tweaks and endgame gear like the Enigma and Infinity, you will soon be able to farm bosses and then move on to Ubers. Good luck and have fun!

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