Modern Warfare 2 - All You Need To Know

by danikhan on Sep 26, 2022
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Modern Warfare 2 - All You Need To Know
The release date for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is October 28, 2022. It would seem that Activision is taking advantage of a leaner fall release window to push Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 out into the globe a bit sooner than planned, even though Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard premiered in mid-November.

On September 16, 2022, the Modern Warfare 2 beta will commence. As usual, PlayStation users will get access to the beta a week earlier than everyone else, and those who pre-ordered will receive an additional two days of an advantage.

There will be three editions of MWII available. Pre-orders for all versions are already open, and some of them include Warzone-compatible cosmetics:

  • Standard Edition 

  • Cross Gen Edition

  • Vault Edition 

The Vault Edition is the ultimate version of MWII, whereas the prior two versions are self-explanatory.

Along with the game, it also comes with early access to the beta, the Battle Pass, which offers 50-tier skips, and a tonne of unique cosmetics.

The fact that Call of Duty is returning on Steam with Modern Warfare 2 may be one of the most significant special updates. Call of Duty will return to Steam with Modern Warfare II after the series went to with Modern Warfare 2019.



There will also be some additional movement features coming with the game. In MWII, we may, for instance, mantle, hang from ledges, etc. It will once again be able to swim and dive. In addition, the Tac Sprint will return, although sliding makes it impossible to fire. But the well-liked Dolphin Dive will be back.

We may now go swimming once again. We can even engage in combat underwater and operate vehicles there. It certainly sounds interesting. We can use our sidearm while hanging from ledges, which opens up intriguing new possibilities. This gives a lot more tactical nuance and could result in a few unpleasant surprises.


The multiplayer maps in MWII are intended to adhere to the Infinity Ward aesthetic and be more "traditional." In addition, remade versions of a few well-liked original MW2 maps will be included.

Additionally, Modern Warfare 2 is expected to have the Modern Warfare 2019 Maps after the game's release. Here are all the maps that we are currently aware of:

  • Museum

  • Grand Prix

  • Farm 18 Training Facility

  • Sariff Bay

  • Sa'id


Assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, sniper rifles, shotguns, DMRs, pistols, knives, launchers, and melee weapons will once again be available in plenty.