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by danikhan on Jan 14, 2023
Overwatch 2 FPS

Overwatch 2 is one of the most famous first-person shooter games, released in 2022. It is the sequel to the 2016 hero shooter Overwatch. The game is excellent and provides a unique experience. Since the release, the game’s hype isn't dying, and it is likely to increase even more with future updates.

That being said to some fans, it’s still uncertain which hero falls in S and A tiers. If you’re looking for answers related to this topic, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will tell you which heroes fall into S, and A tiers, so make sure to read until the end. Now, let’s get started.

S Tier: 

  • D.Va 

  • Genji Soldier 76

  • Lucio

  • Ana


In the previous game, D.va didn’t get a lot of attention, but in the current overwatch 2, she came back with a rework, and she is better than ever. Her mech's Rocket Boosters have always made her an expert at pursuing down heroes that deal with mobile damage, and the minor boosts to her health and primary fire accuracy guarantee that she will continue to be successful in this endeavor.


Genji’s comeback clearly shows us a sign of Overwatch 2's more shooter-oriented gameplay and damage emphasis. Due to his changes, he now serves as a natural countermeasure with his ability to deflect bullets and fend off many of the more damage-focused heroes as hits can damage and projectiles once more drive eliminations.

Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 is undoubtedly the best DPS hero in Overwatch 2, and he might have the throne for some time. Teams will have to spend a lot of time and money chasing him down before they can win any battle because of his capacity to rush to high spots and stay there with a self-sustaining Biotic Field.


Lucio is the best support hero in the game so far, as he never dies, and he is great at his job. Some people might not like it as he is very tricky to learn but learning how to play him is worth it. Moreover, he does a decent amount of damage and he can stall out for objectives on his own.


Due to 5v5, Ana is getting more attention in Overwatch 2. Ana is a dependable support who benefits from the smaller-scale game because she can damage and heal at the same time and use one of the few stuns in the current version of the game. This allows her to stay back and not worry about teams breaking up.

A Tier: 

  • Orisa 

  • Moria 

  • Widowmaker 

  • Sigma 

  • Roadhog

  • Kiriko 

  • Sojourn 

  • Mercy 

  • Hanzo.


With a significant overhaul for Overwatch 2, Orisa replaces her shield and crowd control abilities with a more skill-oriented javelin-based move that prioritizes ranged assaults and keeps foes at bay. In Overwatch 2, most characters got some reworks, and now they are better than ever so it might be hard to choose some.


Moira continues to add significant value to the team and asks very little of the player. She can be taken out very quickly, but if you apply your skills, you can dodge, move around, and escape danger quite rapidly because of your invisibility. She's a little challenging to employ because of her orbs, but you can't go wrong with Moira's potential help.


If widowmaker still had her kit from the previous Overwatch, she might be the most dominant damage hero in Overwatch 2. With more cover and fewer open lanes in Overwatch 2, the map philosophy has changed significantly, making widowmaker a less trustworthy pick in a match. She can still surprise the opposing team by hiding on a rooftop, and her ultimate is among the greatest in the game.


Sigma is an excellent backup tank choice to support whatever more specialized tank's talents fit best into your strategies because of his strength of being able to handle and respond to most problems by utilizing his diverse moveset. Sigma's ability to accomplish a little bit of everything works exceptionally well under the burden of being the lone tank on your squad, and he can really lay into opponents. Still, he can be a little bit hard to play with.


In addition to being a fun character to play, Roadhog has earned a new level of effectiveness with a buff to his Whole Hog ultimate still. His support for your squad isn't really that strong, so you'll need some shielding or a barrier tank to go with him.


In Overwatch 2, Kiriko has had a good start and has already established herself as a formidable character. She is one of the most mobile healers in the game thanks to her capacity to heal friends with bursts of talismans and mobility provided by her ability to climb walls.

Moreover, when you combine it with Kitsune Rush, which increases movement and attack speed, and Swift Step, which enables you to teleport to an ally instantly, you have powerful support that completely redefines the role of the class in Overwatch 2.


Sojourn from Overwatch joins the game and puts in a decent showing. However, she has gained some muscle since making her beta debut and has been able to hold her own. Her mobility, which is her most significant asset, combines well with her extra disruptor grenade to confuse foes as you roam across the area.


Mercy deserves praise for how easily she can add value to her squad, even though hard-hitting, skill-dependent support heroes like Lucio or Ana may be favored. She can quickly get into a fight and leave it, and if she can switch from hero to hero successfully, she can be the backbone of a squad.


Hanzo is a little complicated to deal with, as your mastery of the character is crucial to his viability as a hero. His arrows must be placed with accuracy and precision, and his ultimate is no longer as potent as it once was. But if you play Hanzo well, you can cause a lot of havoc in a game.

You should keep in mind that Hanzo isn't as physically powerful as some of the other damage heroes, his diverse set of skills and the power he can unleash with the correct tools make him a damage hero who is well worth learning how to use. It would be best if you remembered that working with him effectively involves competence.

This you have it. These are all the heroes we think fall under the category of S and A Tiers in Overwatch 2. Hopefully, the guide was helpful to you, and you got answers to your questions.


Overwatch 2 has a huge fan base, as millions of people play this game. The design of all the heroes is unique, and everyone has a different aesthetic. Players love to play with such characters as it's fun to get to know them. In this guide, you will get to know most of the necessary things you need to know about the heroes who fall into S and A tiers. 

Most people like to use S-tier characters, but A-tier ones aren’t that bad. It honestly depends on your preference. You might think an A-tier character falls into the S-tier for various reasons, but some other people might not agree. So, as it depends on your preference, go on and choose a team for yourself and conquer the enemies.

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